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MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. - Accreditations

NABL Accreditation


MWPL Accreditations for Weights, Weight Sets, and Calibration Services

It is MWPL's focus to achieve the highest levels of accreditations for weights, mass standards, calibration services and our quality management system. Third party accreditations by internationally recognized organizations provide regular unbiased assessments of MWPL's quality programs and technical capabilities. Accreditations ensure our customers that MWPL meets and maintains the highest level of calibration and manufacturing standards.


Why Accreditation?

Formal recognition of a laboratory by an Accreditation body in accordance with international criteria has many advantages.

  • Increased confidence in Testing/ Calibration Reports issued by the laboratory

  • Better control of laboratory operations and feedback to laboratories as to whether they have sound Quality Assurance System and are technically competent

  • Potential increase in business due to enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction.

  • Users of accredited laboratories enjoy greater access for their products, in both domestic and international markets.

  • Savings in terms of time and money due to reduction or elimination of the need for re-testing of products.


MWPL have achieved accreditations in mechanical discipline from NABL.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001

  • MARUTI Weightech Pvt.Ltd. was achieved the accreditation of ISO 9001 in the year 2006. MWPL has thoroughly documented quality management system to ensure that our customer receives the products and services of highest standards.

MWPL's ISO 9001 Certificate


ISO/IEC 17025

ISO 17025

  • MARUTI Weightech Pvt.Ltd. is achieved the accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 in the year 2014 through continuous third party inspections and audits. Thus, the testing reports issued by the Maruti Weightech Pvt Ltd is recognized throughout the world.

  • The two main sections of this standard are Management Requirements and Technical Requirements. The requirements for the laboratory's quality management system and the operation/continual improvement of this system are included in the Management Requirements section. The required elements for determining correctness and reliability of tests and calibrations carried out in a laboratory are defined in the Technical Requirements section. A laboratory that implements, maintains and continually improves their ISO 17025 quality system can be accredited by a recognized body, such as NABL. The accreditation process objectively demonstrates the laboratory's compliance with this standard and competence for performing tests and calibrations. 

MWPL's ISO 17025 Certificate