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About Us


MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading standard calibration weights manufacturer with ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL) Accredited Calibration Laboratory!



About Cal-Kit


"Cal-Kit" is India's leading brand for the supply of precision calibration weights and mass standards. Established in 2005, "Cal-Kit" has continually enhanced its reputation through personal, accredited system procedures, and equipment to become the leading brand in the field of precision weights. 


People with Experience

  • We have been manufacturing standard calibration weights and conducting mass calibration since 2005! We have trained metrology staff who track and control each measurement processes to assure superior quality and reliable results in measurements.


Accredited Calibration Laboratory

  • Our mass calibration laboratory was designed to attain stable environment of temperature and humidity, low vibrations, and low air velocity, which is suitable for making precise mass measurements. MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd.(MWPL) is an ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL) Accredited Calibration Laboratory.


State-of-the-Art Plant

  • MWPL has the four mass comparators, and we are constantly purchasing new comparators to keep our capabilities up to date to maintain the highest level of precision. We have the state-of-the-Art manufacturing plant to process approx 10 MT weights per month. We have documented procedures to track and control the highest level of quality in material manufacturing. 


MARUTI's Mile Stones


MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. stated as the service provider of balances and weights in 1996 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 


The establishment of MARUTI brand enabled and developed the comprehensive range of quality products and services provided to the industries, under a strong leadership, dedicated team with a vision to satisfy the needs of valued customers. 


  • In 1996,  MARUTI started with its key personal and hard-working professionally trained teams and earned a reputation for providing prompt services.


  • In 2000, MARUTI inaugurated its own state-of the art plant in Gujarat and was recognized nationally as one of the organize player for its quality products and prompt services.


  • In 2002, MARUTI published the company's first comprehensive catalog of entire range for one stop total weighing solutions, even customized too.


  • In 2004, the business graph of MARUTI Group reached its peak when the products and services lined up was updated with the current market demand.


  • In 2005, MARUTI had enhanced its reputation as being the premier and pioneer company in the metrology field, by initiating the manufacturing "Cal-Kit" Brand standard calibration weights. we are manufacturing various types of calibration weights and mass standards. At present we have the manufacturing capabilities with 10 MT production per month. 


  • In 2014, MARUTI Weightech Pvt. Ltd. achieved the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (NABL Accreditation) for mass standards and weighing balance calibration. At moment, MWPL is the only private calibration laboratory in India offering calibration of mass standard and weighing balances from 1 mg to 2100 kg under NABL Accreditation Scope.


 MARUTI's Today


  • Over the years MWPL has continued to expand and increase its expertise in manufacturing and measurement capabilities. MWPL's calibration laboratory provides customers with all the data and traceability information they need for their calibration items. The Calibration Laboratories' physical environment and state-of-the-art equipment enable MWPL to produce measurements with the lowest possible uncertainties.


Product Information

  • Calibration Weights
  • Slotted Newton Weights
  • Hook Weights
  • Precision Balance
  • Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Weigh-Bridges
  • Calibration Services